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A Few Kind Words


“Rick is the "model" of what dealerships want in a partner to help with income development. He is game on 24/7. His knowledge of this industry is only had by a few individuals. He motivates everyone he comes in contact with by his extreme level of execution and constant drive. If your sales staff needs a boost, this is the man that will take your sales team to the next level and they just may love the trip!!!!” 

1st LuAnn Black, F&I Development, Ford ESP/ MarketSource
worked directly with Rick at MarketSource



“I had the pleasure to work with Rick at Marketsource, we represent Ford ESP and the Profit Builder program in select Ford and Lincoln Dealerships. I was truely impressed by Ricks professionalism and poise during the time we worked together. It is very clear Rick is one of the best of the best in our industry, his knowledge of the day to day business as well as his grasp of what it takes to get the job done is unsurpassed. I know he will truly be an asset to any organization he comes in contact with, as a trainer, employee or whatever influence, I am confident the experience you have with him will be enormously benenficial.” 

1st Russell Downs, SE Account Manger, Ford / Market Source
worked directly with Rick at MarketSource



“Rick Wise is an exceptional trainer and advisor in the automotive industry.He provided myself and my company Jack Jones Ford Lincoln of Sweetwater with the highest of traing available.As a whole myself and our company has grown leaps and bounds.Would recommend Rick Wise in any position available in with any comapny in the automotive industry. Rick is truly a leader and motivator in his field!!” 

worked with Rick at MarketSource



“Rick has been very helpful in our Dealerships.His expertise in F&I has help us move the neele to increase our F&I income.He is knowledgeable and respetful towards our employees and they in return respect him for what he has to say and how he hadles himself. If you are considering any training in your F&I Department I would highly recommend Rick.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Dennis Greene
hired Rick as a F&I Trainer in 2010



“Rick has proven to be a key member of the team during his tenure with MarketSource. During his time with us, Rick consistently displayed expertise in relationship building with our Dealers, FMCC, and Ford Motor Company. He also rose to the challenge of being a key team member on a high level project with us last year, as well as, serving as a mentor to new staff members.

Rick finished the 2010 Year as one of the top 5 consultants in the company. He is truly a “pros pro”.

I would enjoy any opportunity to work with Rick again and know that he would be an asset to any company.” 

1st Malcolm Forte, Regional Director, MarketSource
managed Rick at MarketSource



“I wholeheartedly recommend Rick Wise. He takes the word "professional" to a whole new level. His leadership,ethics and passion shine through to anyone who has had the pleasure of working with him. He is a visionary and an asset to any company. His positive attitude is contagious, I am honored to have worked with him.” 

1st Margot Miller, F&I Development- South East Dealer Account Manager, Ford Motor Company/Market Source
worked directly with Rick at MarketSource



“I have worked with many automotive professionals in my time but Rick Wise stands high above the rest. His attention to detail and focus on solutions make him the go to guy in our organization. Rick can always be counted on for high level solutions and professional coaching in any training environment. He is the one we counted on when when designing our current play book and he delivered.” 

1st Doug Fiore, Senior Account Manager, MarketSource
worked directly with Rick at MarketSource



“I'm very excited about the positive response Rick has been getting from dealers regarding the technology training program he has designed for Ford/SYNC. This certainly fills the need for both the customer and the dealer in assuring that customers will be able to take advantage of SYNC regardless of their technical abilities.” 

1st Michael Abrams, President, Dealerite
was with another company when working with Rick at MarketSource



“Rick is a true team player. I had the pleasure of working with Rick on a high level project for Ford Motor Company's ESP division. He brought creativity, inspiration, and the generousity required to work with a group of strong willed individuals. Rick's thoughtful and intellectual approach to problems is truly refreshing in today's reactionary business climate. In my sincere opinion anyones who has the opportunity to collaborate with Rick is truly lucky.” 

1st Briana Drugg, Northeast Team Leader- Ford ESP Powered by Market Source, Market Source
worked directly with Rick at MarketSource



“Rick has made a positive impact upon the accounts. Rick uses his intellect to work, study, and reflect upon a variety of different ideas and implement them. Rick demonstrates a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. Rick has a core of underlying values that contribute to his system of beliefs, ideas and opinions, that are of virtue. That is the core from which he operates and reacts. An asset to have as a member of the Team.” 

1st Jason Broeckel, MBA, Dealership Development, Ford / Market Source
worked with Rick at MarketSource



“I enjoyed working with Rick due to his positive, up-beat attitude. He makes everyone feel like everything is possible. He is always professional and I appreciate the expertise he brings to the table.” 

was with another company when working with Rick at MarketSource



“During my employment with Market Source, more specifically, Automotive Finance Training, I had the honor of working with Richard. Richard’s knowledge of the Automotive Industry was very impressive. He is well versed in all areas of the Automotive Industry. His ability to train both one on one and large classes was very impressive. He continues to successfully increase both profits and penetrations by teaching techniques that are unique, clever as well as updated and direct.

I gained much knowledge in working with Richard. He’s professional, as well as an asset to any company in the capacity of regional sales training.” 

1st Maria Scicli, F&I Development Representative, Market Source

worked indirectly for Rick at MarketSource



“Rick has been working with me as a trainer since mid 2010. He has helped me immensely in my performance at work and has shown me many different ways to be the best that I can be at my job and in running my department. He is professional, hard working, knowledgable and up to date on all aspects of the automobile industry. I would highly reccomend him and his services to anyone that is wanting to take their sales and or F&I department to the next level.” 

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

1st Mark Nestler
hired Rick as a Trainer in 2010



F&I Trainer & Sales Trainer (Founder)

EZ Solutions

“Rick is a great asset to the automotive industry. His approach to F&I and sales development is a must for any automotive professional or organization seeking record breaking results and customer satisfaction.” September 4, 2011

1st Jim Radogna, President, Dealer Compliance Consultants, Inc.
was with another company when working with Rick at EZ Solutions



“Rick has the ability to identify areas in management and processes that require assistance and restructuring. He possesses a remarkable ability to structure and implement those improvements, be they in F&I, sales training or any operational aspect of running a dealership.” 

1st Michael Abrams, President, Dealerite
worked directly with Rick at EZ Solutions



F&I Trainer / Sales Trainer

Half-A-Car (Reynolds & Reynolds)

“Rick Wise is one of the best automotive consultants I have ever had the privilege of working with. He demonstrated a consistent ability to get results with, and for his clients and his commitment to achieving our team's objectives was second to none. I would gladly accept any opportunity to work with Rick again and know that he will be a valued asset to any organization that has the good fortune of having Rick Wise on their team's roster.” 

1st Ralph Paglia, OEM Solutions Partnership Executive, Reynolds and Reynolds
managed Rick indirectly at Half-A-Car / Ford Motor Company



Division Manager / F&I Consultant & Sales Trainer

Dealer Tools

“Even though I have worked with Rick for a short time he is by far the most knowledgable and pleasant business associate I have had the pleasure to work with. His business savvy and product knowledge is what he is great at. I can not think of one reason why he would not be able to perform in any field of his choosing. Multi-task must be his middle name. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. I believe he has all the atributes listed and more.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

hired Rick as a Anything he sets his mind to! in 2010



F&I Director / F&I Closer

Automotive Retailers

“I had the pleasure of being Rick’s supervisor early in his automotive career. Rick was one of the top salespeople at the dealership. Rick clearly possessed strong leadership and management qualities and I soon promoted him to F & I manager. After his promotion, Rick quickly earned the managerial respect of the entire staff. He leads by example, has a strong work ethic, and eagerly looks to improve his skills at every opportunity. As an F & I manager, Rick displayed the perfect balance between generating income and protecting the dealership. It is my honor to highly recommend Rick.” 

1st Les Abrams, General Manager, Stovall Volvo
managed Rick at Automotive Retailers



“It has been so long ago that Rick worked for me but I can tell you this; his smile is overly contagious! You could not wipe it off his face no matter the circumstance, he was always eager to help, learn, absorb everything put in front of him. Every store has a few over achievers and Rick definitely was one of ours. It's always great to see one of "my kids" go on to great heights, Rick has developed quite a career and it does me proud to see his achievements and to still to this day call him my friend.” 

1st Phil Marshall, General Sales Manager, Stovall Volvo
managed Rick at Stovall Volvo



“I had the opportunity to work with and manage Rick when he was new in his automotive career. He is and was quick learner and was quick to take on any task that he was assigned. It is an honor to be just a small part of his career and success in the automotive industry. Good luck and success.” 

1st Chip Jones, GSM, Royal Olds
managed Rick at Royal Oldsmoblie