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Here is a quick look at the AP Level 4 ARM and why it can provide quatifable results.


The marketing manifest is built using the largest automotive behavioral data base in the world. In addition to having the information of which households are actively interested in Automotive purchases (by their behavior online and from other sources), the dealer's sales and service history are used as a model to select the households that most resemble the dealer's historical success. Once the manifest (marketing list) is created, ‘intenders' (those most likely to buy) are approached using mail (major impact), email, Targeted Display Network and Facebook to maximize the dealer's exposure to the right people.


This process is repeated every two months to continually market to those still in the market and to bring on those just coming into the market. The result is increased market performance for the dealer in terms of market share and how they perform compared to their brand. In all cases, our dealers outperform their brands during the period of ARM influence and in the vast majority of cases, outperform the market as well. 




Should you like to review some recent results and case studies of this systematic market approach send a inquiry to and we will provide a detail review of how this approach is working for a operation of your size in a similar market. Remember dealers using this method do trend to perform better then their brand and perform better than their local market.