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 A recent question was raised during a discussion
"If anyone is aware of a social media company or person who can help my dealership increase leads and traffic have them contact me."



This request is typical of a dealer trying to do something regarding 'traffiic' or generating a busy environment. 


Traffic can be obtained in both a positive and negative fashion. You could give cars away and get traffic.You could give away prizes to get traffic, but the real result they are looking for is not really traffic, it's market performance. They are seeking systematic market performance in the most efficient possible manner by consistently keeping the dealer in front of the most likely buyers.


As for web traffic: This is a separate concern and points to the reality that dealers must spend marketing dollars on SEO and cannot every stop doing this. It's a separate matter from other forms of direct marketing in that it does not 'hunt' as systematic marketing would do by creating a manifest of most likely buyers and then touch them consistently. Systematic marketing is more of a 'gatherer' approach in putting out the best possible net to assure that the dealer is a known entity when someone is searching the web for related products (vehicles). 


So by clarifying the actual 'wants' from the question that was raised, we can make sure that expectations of their wants line up with what is accomplish-able. Getting a company to manage their Facebook and other social media sites should be rather easy to find. Finding a company that can provide a proven systematic market performance tool might be harder.


A targeted approach has been discussed for years, but the data needed was either difficult or expensive to find. Recent resources are just now placing a high level of systematic marketing into the hands of a franchise owner. As more dealers start to use this form of marketing, target marketing will take on a whole new place in our industry.