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"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary."

 We all have heard that before. In short, nothing happens until the deal is closed. That is true for life, love, sports, and work. Closing is what we all do to survive. In most cases it is a 'win / win'. But at the heart of any good closing are a few proven processes, below are just a few:


  •  Win your battles before they've even been fought - if you can find an option that allows you to win your battles without actually having to go to war, take advantage of it.
  • Take Risk - if you never take a chance, you will never know what you could of done
  • Don't try to lose small, win big - if you hold back and frame your actions around minimizing your loses, you will never win big or make it big in life
  • Take control - we all choose our own behaviour, own up and choose your consequences
  • Following the same path gets you nowhere - if you are not willing to bend the norm, you are only letting your competition get ahead by thinking they will be a do the same. Thinking outside the box became a quote for a reason
  • Play the person, not the logic - increase your odds by gathering emotional intelligence on your situation. Not all things are rule by logic
  • Appearance does matter - first impressions do matter. The way you look has a direct impact on how others treat you
  • The success of a customer is a success for you - the goal is not to make the customer happy, it is to make the customer succeed in what they are seeking
  • Keep your composure - keeping your cool when others are losing it, allows others to have confidence in you
  • Do what you must do - well, you know what this means
  • Know your industry and competition - you always need to be one step ahead
  • Do not waste your time to explain the problem, just fix it - it does happen, a problem does pop up. Do let your team know the concern, but talking rather than doing is a wasted time


If you are not using the DMAIC methodology, let's talk.

 DMAIC is your path to closing: 

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