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For this thread manners refers to "mannerisms" or characteristics. There is more than a subtle difference, with a part of this referring to gentlemanliness. A sense of fair play. Doing the right thing on all occasions. Being beyond moral reproach. 

In othe words, your mannerisms and behavioral characteristics make you who you are. 


This list is for my sons:

When going out to eat, always offer the seat that has the better view
As a dinner guest, never salt your food before you taste it
Meet your date at your door, not in your car
When a lady comes back from the restroom while out to eat, stand up until she takes her seatHold the door open for a woman, it's old fashioned, sure, but classey
When meeting someone for the first time, never fist-pound
Never say something through the Internet that you wouldn't say to someones face
Never 'one up' a conversation 


Part of being both charming and just a good human being is having the right set of manners. Go out and make it a great day.

 Remember manners is profitable

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