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Welcome to the CACC Dealer page. Hopefully you will find something of interest. This page is set up to share some best practices to take your CACC business to the next level. Retailers that understand & use Credit Acceptance are some of the most profitable dealers in their markets.


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Welcome to my web site. This page is designed to bring some value to our retailers. Hopefully we will be successful in providing something of value -- Rick Wise

For now, it might be best to introduce my company, CACC. Credit Acceptance is the #1 lender in the United States when it comes to th high risk markets. We are the industry driver in the credit challenge market. With over 40 years of experience, one of the best financial standings of any lender or bank, and with consumers who will stand in line to refer us, we are the one source that can and will drive more business into your showroom floor, develop a 'customer for life' program, and assist your store in dominating your local market. 

Anytime your store has a credit challenge consumer, a good standing consumer with challenges; many lenders start to condition the possible loan package. That makes sense since they are measuring the 'risk' of the deal. Credit Acceptance works with retailers across North America providing approvals far above the 7,000,000 mark placing consumers on 100% non-recourse contracts. Since 1972 we have been the best in determining and managing the risk of a deal which translates in more approved auto loans for you that are favorable for you and your customer.

How do we do this? Credit Acceptance provides $1 Billion in operating funds so you and your team can place anyone you want on the road with an auto loan. We service the loan that you have originated. In other words, with-in industry guide lines you and your team will determine the selling price, the term of the loan, the interest rate charged, and any supporting services. You are the one giving the approval to the customer 24/7 with out having to check with your 'servicing company.'

We work with some of the most respected dealers in the country as well as some of the most successful independents. With the growing number of credit challenges facing consumers, Credit Acceptance is not only a profitable choice for a retailer, but also a outstanding company to invest in. Do not forget we provide the opportunity for your customer to achieve the vehicle they are seeking while keeping within their budget. 

Are you currently a Credit Acceptance Retailer or just a owner of a retail operation looking for a way to bring more value to your customers? Have a question how we can provide 100% credit approval, or just want to discover how other retailers are handling a concern you might be having? Reach out to us by contacting Rick at rick@rickwise.com or use the contact page on this web site.  

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