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What got you here, will not get you there.


Few of us will acheive all of our dreams, that does not count. The question is, did we treat to reach for our dreams? the above chess board is a link to article by Marshall Goldsmith, the author of 'Triggers'. This is worth a look. 




 Chinese Markets Uneasy After Sell Off


Is this something we should even be concern with? Will it make any difference to our business or our flow of money? Click the picture above to take a peek at this New York Times article. Makes for a good read as you finish your coffee and cigar.  




The changing face of retail

The above link gives a great out look of what we could see moving forward. This link is for trends in 2015 and but what got my attention is the out look of the retail enviroment. It does seem that our customers want shorter 'buy' times, an easier process and more of a true profession who can show the vehicle, work the deal, and conduct the financing. 

We do want to review these trends and learn how to address a new bred of customer 

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