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We Are Replaceable
We Are Replaceable

Graveyards are full of irreplaceable people. Maybe a cynical statement, but it does make a point. True we are each unique and special in our own ways, yet it's only a few true genius in history that cannot truly be replaced and yet we survive after they are gone.

In a fast changing world where revolution is common, the individual must be able to evolve and be flexible to the needs to the new environment. Those who throws out the statement "this is how we have always done things" may be the very ones who are holding back the progress of the growth of a business or opportunity. In some cases the more successful an individual is the easier they can be lead to be mediocrity or overly optimistic to the future based on their past successes. In other words they are not eager to adapt to current or future changes.

It's a rare individual that has the hunger to continue to grow, to look out for change, and willing take chances. Yet it is these rare individuals that are usually the ones ready to take on the change created by the revolution. It is usually these same individuals that are always on the hunt for the next challenge. Which means they are not usually the ones who make a lifelong career at anyone organization. They know without the hunger to move forward, they the individual are at risk of falling behind the changing market conditions and at risk of losing his/her's value to the new world environment. Which in turns makes them replaceable.

So knowing that we all can be replaced, how does an individual stack the odds in their favor? Much has been said about bringing value to the table, but that value means nothing if you are seen as old news. Nothing is going to stop the revolution, but maybe you can ride the wave until you make the choice to be replaced.

Here is a few possible ideas on how to stay ahead of the game.

• Align yourself with the players in your organization. Know what their expectations are for you and your position. know the vision of the organization and align yourself to that vision

• Network, not only with all of the top players in your organization, but also your industry. Widen your network of influential leaders in your industry, find a way to work with the thought-leaders of your given field.

• Create your own brand. Know your own worth, your strengths and be able to effectively showcase them. Become your own image consultant and realize that you do have weaknesses and be able to address them so to better manage your weak points.

• Be a student of the business. Keep learning about your organization, the industry, who the leaders are and what is trending. This may mean attending seminars and conferences. Take your free time to brush up on the very changes that could make you replaceable.

• Create a ‘Plan B'. A time will come that you will be replaced. Be ready for it. Focus on and plan out your course of action when this time comes. Have a reserve fund. Network other organizations and have possible offers already ready for you to take advantage of. Keep your name out in the market place and keep up with what is happening in the market place.

You will be replaced at some point. It does not need to be painful for at some point you will also be the one replacing someone else. It is a eat or be eaten environment, but would you want it any other way?

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